DB 12.2: Neue Security Features


Oracle hat die Dokumentation für die Datenbank Version 12.2 veröffentlicht. Es sind eine Reihe neuer Security Features enthalten, insbesondere im Bereich TDE (Transparent Data Encryption). Wir bereits vermutet wurde, wird der Krypto-Algorithmus GOST unterstützt. Auch in der Kerberos-Implementierung soll sich einiges verbessert haben: Kerberos kann nun auch für Direct NFS genutzt werden und die Client-Konfiguration wird einfacher.

Eine kurze Übersicht über die neuen (12.2) Security Features gibt der New Features Guide12c Release 2:


  • TDE Tablespace Live Conversion
  • Fully Encrypted Database
  • Support for ARIA, SEED, and GOST Encryption Algorithms in TDE
  • TDE Tablespace Offline Conversion

Enforcing Application Security in the Database

  • RAS Session Privilege Scoping
  • RAS Column Privilege Enhancements
  • RAS Schema Level Policy Administration
  • RAS Integration with OLS

Improving Security Manageability, Administration, and Integration

  • Oracle Virtual Private Database Predicate Audit
  • Oracle Database Vault Policy
  • Oracle Database Vault Simulation Mode Protection
  • Oracle Database Vault Common Realms and Command Rules for Oracle Multitenant
  • Privilege Analysis Enhancements
  • Privilege Analysis Results Comparison
  • Redaction: Different Data Redaction Policy Expressions
  • Redaction: New Functions Allowed in Data Redaction Policy Expressions
  • Redaction: Additional Data Redaction Transformations
  • Automatic KDC Discovery When Configuring OCI Clients
  • Automatic Provisioning of Kerberos Keytab for Oracle Databases
  • Role-Based Conditional Auditing
  • Inherit Remote Privileges

Improving Security Posture of the Database

  • SYSRAC – Separation of Duty for Administering Real Application Clusters
  • Transparent Sensitive Data Protection Feature Integration
  • Requiring Strong Password Verifiers by Default

Improving User Authentication and Management

  • Automatic Locking of Inactive User Accounts

Modernizing Network Authentication and Encryption

  • Kerberos-Based Authentication for Direct NFS

Der New Features Guide schreibt hierzu: “This feature solves the problem of authentication, message integrity, and optional encryption over unsecured networks for data exchange between Oracle Database and NFS servers using Direct NFS protocols.”