Knowledge Base : Change the IP address of a MacOSX server

How to change the IP address of a MacOSX server
The IP address is hardcoded in several MacOSX server database, especially Open Directory.

To change it:

1. configure DNS completely with new settings

2. run the “changeip” script:

borg:~ root# changeip /LDAPv3/
Changing IP address and host name for DNS Server
This server is an Advanced Server. changeip_dns cannot change an
advanced server. Server Admin must be used to change the IP
addresses and host name.
Updating local node
Updating node /LDAPv3/
Enter admin name for node /LDAPv3/ diradmin
Updating Password Server config
Updating Open Directory config
2010-03-28 16:01:48.486 slapconfig10b device created for en0 / Ethernet
Updating hostconfig file
Updating smb.conf file
Updating Kerberos Service Principals and keytabs
Please enter the name of the administrator account for LKDC:SHA1.D865B04XXXXXXXXXX : diradmin
Please enter the password for diradmin@LKDC:SHA1.D865B04XXXXXXXXXX :
Authenticating as principal diradmin@LKDC:SHA1.D865B04XXXXXXXXXX with password.
kadmin: Missing parameters in krb5.conf required for kadmin client while initializing kadmin interface
Finished updating Kerberos
Changing IP Addresses and host names for Mail Server
/Library/Preferences/ does not exist – no update
borg:~ root#

3. change the ip address in system preferences

4. reboot.