Knowledge Base : Maximum File Size

Maximum file sizes per database block size

Or: ORA-01144: File size (4224000 blocks) exceeds maximum of 4194303

Depending from the db_block_size you can create datafiles up to one specific size.

db_block_size | datafile upper limit
2kb 8GB
4kb 16GB
8kb 32GB
16kb 64GB
32kb 128GB

If you have a db_block_size=8Kb and try to create a datafile with 33GB in size you will get:

ORA-01144: File size (4224000 blocks) exceeds maximum of 4194303 blocks

To calculate the max size: db_block_size * 4194303.

Bigfile tablespaces are a feature of Oracle 10g. A bigfile tablespace contains only one datafile (or tempfile) which can be as big as 2^32 (=4GB) blocks.

create bigfile tablespace biiig_data file ‘/oracle/biiig.dbf’ size 3T;

Bigfile tablespaces are supported only for locally managed tablespaces with automatic segment-space management.
There are two exceptions: locally managed undo and temporary tablespaces can be bigfile tablespaces, even though their segments are manually managed.

System and sysaux tablespace cannot be created as bigfile tablespace.