Knowledge Base : Mount NFS with root permissions

Sometimes, it is necessary to mount a ZFS filesystem without root access being translated to nobody (“root-squash”).
This syntax has changed in Solaris 11.

Mount a ZFS filesystem vie NFS with full root access on Solaris 11

root@filer1:~# zfs set share=name=home_alfresco,path=/home/alfresco,prot=nfs,root=@glass1 home/alfresco

root@glass1 Glass1 /# mount filer1:/home/alfresco /filer1/home/alfresco

root@glass1 Glass1 /# touch /filer1/home/alfresco/test/c
root@glass1 Glass1 /# ls -lhrt /filer1/home/alfresco/test
rw-rr-+ 1 nobody nobody 0 Apr 14 12:52 a
rw-rr-+ 1 nobody nobody 0 Apr 14 12:55 b
rw-rr-+ 1 root root 0 Apr 14 13:05 c

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